The zero carbon objective

From 1990 to 1998, Thierry Lamouche, energy efficiency expert, worked on European Commission programs with various European partners. He discovered new energy approaches, wich are differents from French concepts and practices.

From 1998, he created a consultancy firm specializing in energy efficiency and carried out project management missions for the construction of tertiary and industrial buildings. He notably designed the first positive energy building in France: the Lycée Kyoto in Poitiers in 2003.

Convinced of the potential of the Bioclimatic and noting a lack of ZERO CARBON oriented industrial offer, Thierry decides to develop innovation to develop bioclimatic offers in the building and in the energy systems associated with the building. SUSTAIN’AIR was created in 2006.


A story of men

In 2005, Thierry Lamouche designed the first installation in France of a “desiccant cooling” system for the ZANINNI laboratories in St Raphaël. Gilles Mérard, project manager for the company SEITHA carrying out the installation, is now Director of Production for the company SUSTAIN’AIR.

In 2010, SUSTAIN’AIR, with its own funds and little support from the PACA region, launched a first R&D program to master the fundamental equations of desiccation and develop a system simulator.

In 2013, the company obtained the publication of its first European patent. This R&D effort is still maintained today to develop performance simulation, improve system regulation and develop a competitive industrial offer : several patents have been filed.

In 2015, the operation of a “proof of concept” installation was carried out in the company’s offices in Sophia Antipolis thanks to the financial support of Ademe and the assistance of the Sophia Antipolis Foundation of Senator Pierre LAFFITTE.

This installation validates the operational aspects of the system : industrial potential appears.

That same year, the company SUSTAIN’AIR was awarded the Future Investment Projects (Air conditioning program of the future) and labeled COP 21. This success will result in the installation of a demonstrator system to treat the temperature and the humidity of the rehearsal room of the orchestra of the Opera de NICE à la Diacosmie.

To achieve the ZERO CARBON objective, the facility is equipped with 150 m2 of solar panels. The installation gave complete satisfaction to the musicians, however today the town hall of Nice does not wish to make it work (the ZERO CARBON objective is not yet shared).

At the end of 2016, Pauline Couvrat resumed the development of regulation and simulators.

In 2017, SUSTAIN’AIR strengthens its teams and sees in particular the arrival of a new partner, Geoffroy Germano, HEC, with very international experience in marketing and commercial development in large groups.

In 2019, the ZEPHYR system coupled with a solar thermal power plant received the “Efficient Solutions” label from the Solar Impulse Foundation.

At the end of 2019, Gilles Mérard and Stéphane Baragnon become partners.

Nine people work for the company today.









Thierry Lamouche would like to thank all the people who, in their own way and at different times of the project, helped him to move forward in this adventure: Gaetano Zaninni, Dominique Chuard, Rodolphe Morlot, Philippe Mussi, Philippe Outrequin, François Obrecht, Gilles Mérard , Guillaume Leclerc, Pierre Laffitte, Thierry Djahel, Fabien Ruiz, with a special thought to Claude Vasconi.

Thank you for their current involvement: Pauline Couvrat, Jean Baptiste Ghibaudo, Mallory Bobee, Mickael Zerbib, Alain & Jeremy Vial, Myriam Ayee.



Our systems participate in the energy transition by declining ENERGY AUTONOMY and CARBON TRANSITION to ensure our future and that of the planet.

To advance these objectives, we invite all those who share these objectives to join us to promote the development of projects that meet the current needs of society.